solar water geyser storage cylinder

As with electric water heaters, solar water heater cylinders are constructed out of copper, vitreous enamel-lined mild steel or stainless steel. Insulation reduces the heat loss into the air and as a result of this solar hot water cylinders (HWC) are usually better insulated than normal electric HWC’s.

They are also generally larger than ordinary electric HWC’s, to enable them to store one-and-a-half to two days of hot water, to cater to some extent for bad weather conditions.

Another striking feature of a solar HWC is that while an electric HWC only has three tank connectors (cold water inlet, hot water outlet and T&P valve), a solar HWC usually has an additional two tank connections. These additional connections allow for solar HWC to be connected to the collectors and for the fluid to be drawn from the cylinder through the collectors and return to the cylinder again.