The value of the incentive applicable to any participating solar water heater is based on the capability of the solar system to replace the use of electrical energy. Each solar power system tested by SABS receives a system rating (Q factor), which indicates the kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity it is expected to save on a typical day as determined by the SABS testing procedure. All solar geysers included in the programme will have a SABS test conformity report rating their efficiency. Based on the test result, geyser system will qualify for an incentive of more or less R13000.

Consumers should bear in mind that larger solar systems save more electricity than smaller solar power systems, and would subsequently qualify for a greater incentive, but is also likely to cost more. All factors, ie the incentive value, optimal system size, efficiency, cost of the solar geyser and your own personal needs should therefore be considered when a solar geyser is selected.

Fortunately, information on the technology is at hand to aid you in making a decision.

On you will be asked to enter the number of people and the applicable appliances in your home in the field provided, as well as the town or city in which the installation will take place. A list of pre-approved suppliers and registered products in that area will appear with their corresponding Q factors. When a specific solar geyseris chosen, the incentive value is calculated, based on the Q factor.

Eskom’s Solar Water Heating Programme, introduced at the beginning of 2008, has undergone a major change that brings it into line with international practice.


  • With immediate effect consumer rebates will now be paid directly to consumers and not to the installing supplier. In order to claim the rebate for the solar geyser system fitted by approved Eskom suppliers, the purchaser will submit a claim for the rebate to Eskom’s auditors who are facilitating and monitoring the process.
  • The rebate system is not in anyway exclusive. The requirements of a supplier to sell systems that qualify for rebates are the following:
  1. Be able to offer a 5 year guarantee
  2. Submit documents, including public liability and company details
  3. Have system tested AND passed at the SABS for the following:
  • Safety
  • Mechanical
  • Thermal
  • The choice of what solar power systems are submitted for testing is solely up to the supplier.

Important: Only new installations will receive a rebate if available through Eskom.